John Ignaczak's '77 Cutlass S

My car was bought brand new by my dad in 1977, and has been in my family ever since, it is a 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass S, GOG Special Edition, a tri-state dealer custom for the Grand Olds Gang, 2 years ago, it had seen better days, so I took it from my dad, and began the long resoration, ever part was reworked, from the frame up, the paint was redone by me and my father at the body shop we run in West Elizabeth, PA, Star Auto Body. It has the stock 350 R block, with the rochester quadrajet carb, and factory AC, still working w/ original R-12, (not many people believe that) the car was moderately customized to fit the changing times (I'm 19, so added a set of american bass 12's and a power accoustic 1400 watt amp, pioneer head unit, red neon interior lights, ect) and the low profile raised white letter tires, on the factory rallye sport wheels. it represents 2 years of work for me, and alot of experence, but I believe it was worth every moment.

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