Mark Ivey's '85 Cutlass

Hey, my name is Mark Ivey. I'm from Pinconning, Michigan and I am 19. This is my baby "Ole Blue," It is not real fast as of just yet, but I think it is a nice car. I purchased it in June of 96 as my first car. It was and still is mostly all original (except the rims, tires, and radio).

The interior is immaculate. There is no tears, rips, grease stains, cracks in the dash, all guages work excellent (a few more may be added in the future). The motor is a stock 307, which was rebuilt in November of 97 along with the tranny. The stock tranny was a metric 200, which I did not like to much. Not enough tranny. So I put a 350 turbo under it. It runs much better, although the tires do tend to get a little low on tread from time to time.

The car was completely repainted (original color) in June/July of 98. Shortly there after the Cragar Street Stars were added along with new BF Goodrich tires (which are not shown in the picture). This winter I am going to dress it up more with a dress-up kit under the hood, twin scoops ontop of the hood, shift kit and accessories for the tranny, possibly a different motor (Olds of course), and 3.73 posi with undercarriage detailing.

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