Jimmy Kadlec's '86 Cutlass Supreme

This is my 1986 Olds Cutlass Supreme, Brandy. I am the fourth owner. The carÕs second and third owners were father and son and they took care of the car better than I could ever dream of. When I went to look at the car, it was on a carpet in the guyÕs garage. I bought it two days later without even test driving it on July 3, 1995. It had 65,065 miles on it when I bought it. Three and a half years later it is about to reach 84,000. It has been stored the winters I have had it, but there is still the characteristic GM rust at the bottom of the doors starting up again.

The car has a 307 V8 with the Rochester Quadrajet 4-barrel, chrome 14x6 super stock wheels, P215/70R14 Cooper Cobra radials, bench seat, sweep speedo, column shift, and a single exhaust. Actually, the single exhaust has fallen off and there is nothing past the catalytic converter. All of this I hope to change when I graduate from college in May of 2000.

Some of the things I have done to the car on my own include an K&N Filter Charger, tinted windows (which have been lightened courtesy of the State of New York Police Dept.), fog lights, homemade headlight covers, two 10" Jensens powered by a 450 watt amp., Grant GT 4 spoke chrome steering wheel, (no pictures of that stuff yet). My two personal favorite are the red dome light and the green back up lights. I couldnÕt get any good pictures of either. The red cellophane covered dome light is a very inexpensive alternative to a neon light. To get the green back up lights, or any color, just find a Sharpie marker of that color and color the existing bulb. ItÕs cheap and bitchinÕ.

In the future I am looking at painting the car, most likely a lighter grayish-purple slate color. It will still go with the white top and give a nice contrast to the dark maroon interior. I want to also drop a more powerful and efficient V8 in it. IÕd like at least a four speed stick, maybe a five speed if I can work it, with gears a little snappier than the current 2.14:1 ratio. I am also looking to make the car handle better with a stiffened up suspension, some bigger, wider rims and tires, and of course, drop it a couple of inches. I hope you have enjoyed my 86 Cutlass. Any questions or comments? E-mail me.

Jimmy's Email: jimmykad@hotmail.com

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