Ken Anderson's '87 442

This right here is my pride and joy. I bought it in May of 98 for $2200 without a motor. A little more than what I wanted to spend for a car with no motor but it was clean and I had to have it. About a week later I picked up a 73 cutlass With only 52,000 miles on its 350. It only cost me $200 so that's what I used. The only thing that bothered me was that in 73 they increased the size of the heads combustion chamber to drop the compression to 8.5:1 and only 180 H.P.(This was to help with emissions)

The one good thing is that I have a set of clean 307 heads from another olds motor that I plan on putting on to help increase the compression ratio. I also plan on putting in a mild cam to go along. Besides the motor with an aluminum manifold, a Carter AFB 625 cfm comp. series carburetor, a set of headers, a shift kit, and a 2.25'' Dynomax dual exhaust with no converters the rest of the car is stock. I loved this car so much I decided to take it to my senior prom instead of a limo.

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