Peter Kompelien's '80 Cutlass Calais

I am the second owner of this car, purchasing it back in 1988, my first car. It came with the 260 motor with 100000 miles on it and it was in pretty good condition considering the color of the car was brown.

The following year I did some bodywork on it and had it painted, again brown was the choice. A couple years later, off came the 14 inch wheel tire combination and on went a 15 inch tire combination, 235x60 in back, 215x60 in front.

Then I decided it was time for the anemic small block 260 to come out in favor of a 1974 Olds 350 rocket, the exhaust was converted to dual exhaust at the same time, (dual converters and dual mufflers). Now that the engine was done, I had the transmission replaced with a year newer th350 with lockup converter and had a b&m shift kit installed.
With a year on the motor and transmission or so, the cars rust started appearing again so I did some bodywork again and had the car painted again, this time it was painted 94 chrysler black cherry, but before it was painted I purchased the cowl induction hood and trans-am rear spoiler, and removed alot of chrome lower molding. A year after paint, I had the suspension beefed up with polyeurathane bushings, new springs(front springs lowered the car ) and new shocks. Another year passed and the rust returned, I apparently was not very good at bodywork so I had the bodywork done for me this time and also had a new dent fixed above the windshield, then it was painted once again, but this time the body shop painted it the wrong color, not the black cherry I was used to but a late 80's dark garnet red, so with a little negotiating I now have a different color car to drive. During all this time I also upgraded the stereo system as well.

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