Chris Kugler's '77 442

I bought this Oldsmobile in March of 1997. I found it on the way to get my driver's liciense. It was sitting in a used car lot. Me and my dad fell in love with the car immediately and bought the car a few days later. I've always loved Cutlass's and 442's. My dad had a '71 Cutlass as a kid and has always loved 442's.

The car is in perfect, original condition. It only has around 43,000 miles. Under the hood is the 4bbl. 350 that came stock with it. I wish it was the 403 but I think those are very rare. The interior is still in very, very good condition. The car has no rust on it at all and most people think it has been painted but it hasn't. I have gotten many compliments while pumping gas and washing it. At school nothing compares to this car's looks. I plan on getting dual exhausts, right now it has single, and thats pretty much all it needs. I plan on showing it someday but I need a job first.

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