Jeff Landis '84 Cutlass Supreme

I bought this beauty back in January 1990, and it's been my little musclecar project ever since. Funds weren't the greatest the first couple of years to get my project off the ground, but I've recently been able to put some effort into her.

The project started small, with new mags, tires and a paint job-- gunmetal. The 3.8 ltr. V-6 she had in her ran fine, but I wanted more power. So, I recently dropped a rebuilt 455ci 4BBL, out of '69 Oldsmobile Delta 88. The engine's actually bored out to almost a 460, and man was it a tight fit. There were a lot of other modifications, as you can well imagine, to allow the car to handle the sheer weight and power of the 455 Rocket. These mods include: high-compression pistons, turbo 400 transmission, rebuilt 4BBL Quadrajet carburetor, Daisy roller timing chain, dual exhaust (off manifold), high performance cam, heavy-duty front springs, etc.

All the mods have been relatively cheap, as I've either traded parts or had a personal mechanic do the in-depth work. She sounds mean, and looks it, too. As soon as I fix a small compression and cam shaft rattle problem (crank kit?), put headers on her and maybe a glass pack--look out!
I haven't taken her to the track, but I would like to eventually. Right now she's my joy ride and reliable transportation. Even though I've been in the Olds community eight years, and have taken a serious interest over the past two years, I consider myself a die-hard Olds fan. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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