Reggie Needham's '83 H/O & '75 Delta

Hello from beautiful North Carolina. This 83' Hurst/Olds was originally purchased from a local dealer by an employee of the dealer. And man, did he get a good deal! I have a copy of the bill of sale to the dealer from the factory! It's a non "T" top car, with sand drift interior. It's number 174 of 3001 built in 1983. The H/O has under 29,000 miles on it and still rides with the original Goodyear Eagle GT's!
I purchased her in 97' and had it painted in 98' with base coat/clear coat. (The guy didn't cover it, so the old paint cracked) and a local body shop and they sure did a slick job. I take it to local shows and boy does it attract attention! A lot of people ask me "How do you shift that car?" (Factory lighting rods installed you know). Like a friend said " The first shifter engages the mower deck,,, the second lowers it and the third makes it mow!"

This 75' Delta 88 Convertible that was purchased new by my Dad from a local Olds dealer. He ordered it and traded a wore out 72 Caddy for it. The price on the car was 7400.00! Wow,,, don't you wish you could buy em' at those prices today! It's a loaded car, all power options with a 350 4 bbl carb. She has 164,000 miles on it and the valve covers have never been off.! The paint is still the original too! I take it to local car shows and it's a 20 foot car. ( Looks good from 20 feet away). No, really, it looks pretty good for a 24 year old car. Thanks Dad for my love of Oldsmobiles.

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