1978 Cutlass Calais ("Mine")

This car is the love of my life. It was born in November of 1977 in the Atlanta plant and wound up at the Brasington Oldsmobile-Cadillac dealership, where George Smith first bought it. It is equipped with power everything (steering, brakes, windows, locks, seats) and cruise control. The factory engine is a 260 V8 with air-conditioning. The original color was Dark Carmine Red, and the interior includes a Rallye dash, bucket seats, and console shifter.

I bought this car, my very first car, June 21, 1987, for $1700. By then, somebody had given it an Earl Scheib paint job in Matador Red, although the wheels were left in Carmine Red. It had only regular maintenance and upgrades (including SSIII wheels and Moog springs, head and carb rebuild) until July 25, 1994, when I had finally saved enough for a much-deserved a new paint job. I pored over many, many colors before selecting DuPont Classic Red in basecoat/clearcoat. (Classic Red is the color used for Mazda Miatas. Mine was taken completely apart and stripped to bare metal. The decklid was replaced and all new weatherstripping was ordered. The wheels were done in Chevy Truck White.

Mine is currently in the shop for a major operation; the 260 was taken out and put in the car you see below. A '70 Rocket 350 and TH-350 will be dropped into Mine; I'm hoping to start bracket racing soon.

1986 Cutlass Supreme ("Grey Mine")

I bought this car March 17, 1995, for $400 to drive while Mine is being restored. It originally had a dead 307 in it. Dropped Mine's 260 in it and it's good to go. This car had been vandalized before I bought it; the seats are slashed, the gas and brake pedals have no grip pads, there is no horn, and the backseat is not attached to the rear sill. The door panels are coming off, the fenders and trunk are beaten in, and the exhaust is built out of flexpipe. But it got me up to North Carolina and back to Florida for 1995 Nationals (Mine was still in the shop). Can't kill a Rocket! You may have seen this car at Nationals; there was no beater class, so it sat in between a 1977 Delta pace car and a 98. I hope you will see both Mine and Grey Mine at the 1996 Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia.

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