Ryan Ritter's '86 Cutlass Salon

Here is my pride and joy, my 1986 Cutlass Salon. I bought this car from a small dealership, It was all original, an older woman had it and barely drove it, it had a really nice ride when I test drove it, and lots of power and still does!! I've done a fair amount of work to it over the 4 years I've had it. I've done some little engine work but nothing big. I would like to put a 350 Rocket into it someday (those 'stangs piss me off!!) but I'll just settle for what I have now. It's got a 305cu and a 2.5 inch True Dual Exhaust with Thrush California Boss Turbo Mufflers (sounds really good).
I've also upgraded the sound system with an Alpine head unit...Alpine factory replacement speakers and 2-10 inch Alpine subwoofers. It recieved a paint job this spring and a rear wing (really looks sharp!!) I've put on a new set of wheels (directionals) this year to replace the old Chrome Rally Rims. They really make the car stand out. I plan on getting some Recaro seats in the near future since the bucket seats in it are wearing out.

Thanx for checkin' out my Olds....I'd appreciate it if you'd drop me a line with any suggestions.

Ryan's Email: r.ritter@sk.sympatico.ca

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