Gilbert Russell's '84 Hurst/Olds

My Name is Gilbert. I bought the car in the summer of 1996. I've always been a performance fan having owned a 70 Challenger 340 R/T for 10 years and a 68 GTO for several years but had to give that up when I started a family the kids are teenagers now. It was time to get away from the four doors and back into two doors. The car cost me $4000.00, Its all original with the exception of the sound system.

The car has 104,000 miles on it, 96,000 by the original owner who got it when she graduated college in 84. I've spent the last nine months doing routine maintenance to bring it back to life. Replacing the shocks, Brake system, sensors, Transmission overhaul, replacing the Goodyear eagles with Firestone Firehawk ss10's, replace exhaust system. The paint was in good condition a good waxing and buffing brought it out. The Interior is in great shape with the following exceptions a 4" tear in the drivers seat and the seat belt guide on the drivers seat is missing. I hope to get the seat redone sometime this year along with having the weather striping around the doors and tops replaced. The car is fully loaded:

Power Seat
Power Windows
307 HO 4bbl

Sound system
Kenwood KRC-302 Cassette deck
Pioneer 3 1/2" Front speakers
Pioneer 4 x 10" Rear Speakers
2 Pioneer 8" enclosed subwofers
Prestige 500 watt  4 channel amp