Ricky Sanford's '86 Cutlass

Having fallen is love with the 86Olds 442 and not being able to find one I spent the entire summer (98) cloning an 86Olds Cutless as close as i could to the 442. doing most of the body work myself I then searched for a paint shop that i felt would take my best interest at heart and not do a production number on it. After talking to 6 different ones believe it or not Maaco is the one that sold me. I purchased the decals but the pinstripping was discontinued so Maaco came as close to specs as possible. When all was said and done, In my estimation they did a flawless job and as you can see the pinstipping whch costs 200 extra is flawless, the paint job cost 1200 and is guaranteed for 5 years. they 1st put the color on, then the decals and pinstipping and then cleared over that and then wetsanded and buffed the car out. As luck would have it one week prior to being done, i finally purchased a 442 and fortunatley or unfortunatley they are exactly the same color. What the neighbors must think!!! I also purchased another cutless supreme for 900 w/T tops. which will be next summers project. this one i will go Teal Blue w/silver on the bottom.

Ricky's Email: ChevySS55@aol.com