1975 W-30 Hurst/Olds Owner: Wes Fujii, Boise, Idaho

Restored in 1987, the stock 455 was bored out to 462 cu. in. and was rebuilt with mostly 1970 spec parts, including cam and dual valve springs. Heads and manifolds were match ported, connecting rods were flash ground and shot peened, camshaft was indexed and the engine was balanced. Most major replaceable components were replaced. During reassembly, the distributor was recurved and the Rochester carburetor was rebuilt. The stock single exhaust system was replaced with dual exhaust parts from a 1973 455-powered Cutlass, including the dual hump frame crossmember. It was fitted with 2-1/4 inch diameter exhaust pipes and dual turbo mufflers. The stock THM-400 was rebuilt with racing parts and a custom shift kit was put in. A variable-pitch torque converter replaces the stock fixed-pitch torque converter. The drive line was rebuilt and the stock GM posi rear end was left intact. Suspension wise, an aftermarket larger anti-roll bar was installed in front and the stock rear Rallye anti-roll bar was left in place. Gas charged shocks were used all around and the car was fitted with P255/60R15 Goodyear Eagle GT radials.

Visually, the car appears all stock, due to the NOS, OEM and replication parts/decals/paint used, except for the Oldsmobile "Script" hood ornament, which was replaced with a Hurst "Executive" hood ornament (the original rare and valuable "Script" ornament is stashed away for safe keeping). Inside, the stock Hurst Dual/Gate console shifter, H/O bezels and reversible-cushion swivel bucket seats set this car apart from an ordinary Cutlass. The entire inside was gutted in the restoration process. Fortunately, the soft padded vinyl top and stainless beauty band were in excellent shape and did not need replacement. The Hurst/Hatch T-Top system gives the car an "open chariot" feeling, the closest thing to a convertible that was available in 1975.

This car is 1 of approximately 1200 built with the 455 (designated W-30). Approximately half were painted Cameo white (like this one), the others were black. The die-cut Hurst Gold striping adorns the car on each side, trunk and 4-4-2 louvered hood. Hurst Gold paint was used on the wheels, bumper openings and rear backup light trim bezel. Cast H/O bezels are located on either side of the padded top where the opera windows would have been, and one is on the trunk.

I am the 3rd owner of this car, which started life somewhere in Oregon. As a result, there is no body rust whatsoever, and the rebuild was pretty straightforward. The car doesn't make it out of the garage much, where it spends most of its covered life. The front license plate is a replica of the H/O license plate used on the 1974 H/O Indy Pace Car. The rear license plate is the appropriately fitting personalized plate HURST.

Engine- Oldsmobile Rocket 455 - bored to 462 cu. in. 1970 spec 4-4-2 camshaft 1970 spec dual valve springs TRW pistons Sealed Power chrome-moly rings, rocker arms and lifters Connecting rods flash ground and shot peened High performance oil pump Align bored, decked and balanced Rochester 4-V carburetor Intake and exhaust manifolds match ported with heads Cold air intake plenum HEI ignition in new, custom recurved distributor Borg Warner ignition wires Full dual exhausts (not stock in '75, special parts listed)- Non-crossover, single dump exhaust manifolds Double hump transmission frame support Turbo Mufflers, no catalytic converter 2-1/4 inch diameter exhaust pipes w/chrome tips New radiator, fan clutch, timing chain/gears, motor mounts Etc, etc, etc... Drivetrain- THM-400, rebuilt with racing parts Custom shift kit Custom variable-pitch torque converter Rebuilt drive line GM posi axle (stock) Suspension- ADDCO heavy duty front anti-roll bar Stock Rallye rear anti-roll bar Gas charged shocks Super Stock III 15X7 wheels in Hurst Gold Goodyear P255/60R15 Eagle GT Radials Matching SSIII wheel and Eagle GT tire for spare Front power disk brakes Exterior- Cameo White w/white soft-padded half-top Die-cut Hurst Gold stripes on body sides and trunk Die-cut W-30 fender decals 4-4-2 louvered hood w/die-cut Hurst Gold stripes Hurst Gold bumper openings Hurst Gold rear accent band H/O emblems on each side and trunk Hurst/Hatch smoked glass T-Top Oval hood ornaments- Hurst "Executive" on car Original Classic "Oldsmobile Script" stored away for safe keeping Wide stainless steel Targa band Interior (white with black carpet)- Hurst Dual/Gate console shifter Reversible cushion swivel bucket seats H/O emblems on closed sail panels Stereo- Deluxe 4-speaker Delco AM/FM/8-track stereo Stock auxilliary power amplifier Oldsmobile courtesy demonstration 8-track tape cartridge Extras- Air conditioning Clock (dead, but it is there) Convenience light group- Thin Opera lights on closed sail panels Floor lights, front and rear Glove box light Hood light Trunk light Remote trunk release Delay wipers Headlight minder Oldsmobile "Script" mudflaps H/O embossed license plate on front HURST personalized (legal) plate on rear Owners manuals 1193 W-30 Hurst/Olds were produced in 1975 (approximately half are Cameo White and the others are Ebony Black). This car has spent its entire life in the rust-free Northwest (Oregon and Idaho). It was totally disassembled and rebuilt, starting in early 1986 and restoration was completed in late 1987.