Lindsey Winch's '80 442 W-30

My name is Lindsey Winch and my dad purchased a 1980 olds 442 W-30 three years ago. He bought it for $1900 Canadian (we live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) since then we have put a little bit of money into it and it is started to become a really nice car. Two years ago I was 16 years old and didn't have a clue about anything to do with a car, I didn't know a carburator from a header. Until that day that my dad let me drive the 442 for the first time, I truly fell in love with the car and all cars in general.

We do not drive the car in the winter and last winter my dad decided to give it a new paint job. He tried to keep it as original as he could but he made the gold paint brighter and a little more emaculite. The car came origianlly with a 350, 5.7Ltr engine but the person who owned the car before us may have put a new engine in it. Right now the engine may be a 307 but we are not sure. It has a new Holly 4 barrel carburator and new valve covers, we also put a costume air fliter and high proformance sparkplug wires on it. So basically the engine is not original at all, which is a shame and if my dad could he would like to get an original engine put in it. The car has every option avaible that we know of, it has T-tops, power windows, cruise control, 442 decals that we have on the side of the doors on the inside and one decal on the very back of the car, tilt, air conditioning, and it unfortunilly has a three speed automatic which I would like to some day change to a Hurst four speed. Last winter my dad also got the interior re-done and we put a new sterio system in it which I plan to improve on in the future. I also hope to put headers and a new dual exhaust system on the engine.

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