Scott's Olds 442

Here is my 1986 Oldsmobile 442, in one of our fine city parks later in the summer. It is black & silver with dark red interior. I originally purchased this car in the summer of 1987. Initially the only change was the stock GM stereo was replaced with some quality components.

I enjoyed driving the car daily for the first four years I owned it, but the winters here were starting to take their toll on the car. After deciding to make it a summer only vehicle there were some enhancements done to the car. I had the suspension replaced with a Rancho GT kit, the difference is incredible! Drive train completely serviced & checked. Paint & body done by Showcase Autoworks - the car was stripped to bare metal, hood replaced (small hail damage), and painted "European Black", clear coat, factory striping replaced, more clear coat. Replaced the stock chrome mags with AR "Centerlines" with spinners. (I still have the stock rims) I had some minor upholstery touched up, then tuned the sound system - Pioneer CD, Concord (sub) & Pioneer (high) 140w Amps, (10) Hart loudspeakers, & Hart passive sub crossovers.

Since then I have enjoyed driving it summers and pampering it to the max. On a Friday night you might even see this baby at the local racetrack, Capital Raceway. Summer of '96 I turned a 16.1 second run - not great, but hey it's still STOCK! (-: I would like to see the car run a time of mid 14's when all future plans fall together.

I cringe all winter as I drive the "beater" around dreaming of summer days with the Olds, tunes goin', heading down the highway.

Future Plans: Overhaul the drive train, this winter possibly. Rebuild the stock 307 and give it some breathing room. Carb, intake, cam, headers as a minimum - we'll have to see what the bottom end of this looks like as well. Completely new 200-4R transmission, this ones starting to act funny. Check, possibly replace, the gears with something that will give me more punch off the line, yet still allow it to be highway drivable.

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